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Our activities against Small Arms Violence & the International Student Coalition to Abolish Small Arms

Besides being active in the field of nuclear war, IPPNW has also taken on other topics regarding the prevention of violence and disarmament. Over the course of the last few years, IPPNW has become very active in the field of small arms violence, leading and promoting several projects in this field. Medical students have joined this initiative, especially in Latin America, Africa and the US. Join our google group to learn more about what we're doing!

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IPPNW projects on small arms violence:

  • The International Student Coalition to Abolish Small Arms is an umbrella group intended to support, document, and promote small arms work amongst IPPNW students.

  • One Bullet Stories: Visit the homepage of the One Bullet Stories project and find out how you can help us compile a large database of personal stories connected to small arms violence. These stories give a visceral, personal account of the human side of this issue, rather than more sterile numbers and statistics.

  • Meeting the President: Read up on the campaign by IPPNW students in El Salvador, who managed to raise such a large public outcry against small arms violence that they were eventually invited by their country's president to meet and discuss policy with him. Meanwhile, their actions have turned into new laws and regulations on small arms.

  • Small Arms Research Project: Read about this proposed project, which we plan to start in the next year or so. Do you want to take the initiative?

  • Aiming for Prevention: Read about "Aiming for Prevention", the IPPNW campaign against small arms and see where you or your student group could contribute.

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