IPPNW Students Join the Faslane Blockade

Faslane, the site of the Trident nuclear base and headquarters of the Royal Navy in Scotland, is currently home to a year-long, peaceful blockade. This blockade serves as civil resistance to the persistence of the Trident program - a nuclear program based on 4 submarines which each carry somewhere between 12 and 16 missiles. Recently, Tony Blair's administration has planned to spend over 40 billion pounds on replacing the Trident system even though the current nuclear system will last until 2024 as is. This implies two things: trident renewal amounts to a massive waste of monetary resources, and ensures nuclear weapons will be in Britain far into the future. The IPPNW students who join this movement will be augmenting the push towards nuclear disarmament. Since Trident renewal (or lack thereof) may affect other countries' decisions regarding nuclear weapons, your voice at Faslane would have global implications.

Students from IPPNW visited Edinburgh to give a presentation to UK medical students on January 24th, 2007, and then the delegation visited the 365-day Faslane blockade for two days to lend their support in the struggle for nuclear disarmament. This event was organized by Alex Rosen and UK National Student Representative, Kiran Cheedella. An interview with Alex Rosen about Faslane may be found here.

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