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Welcome to the Website of the Target Project - an international student project of IPPNW

We have felt for a long time that the danger of nuclear weapons being used again has not passed and is, in fact, bigger than ever. 

The head of the IAEA, Muhammad el Baradei, has recently stated that never before has the threat of a nuclear attack, advertent or not, been as great as today.

In order to bring this issue back into the political mainstream, raise awareness about the dangers of hanging on to nuclear weapons as a means of deterrence and create a dialogue about the complete abolition of nuclear arms, IPPNW students have created the Project Target X.

Using public demonstations to show the still existing danger of a nuclear attack, medical students can contribute to the international campaign to ban nuclear weapons and help raise awareness for this issue in their local community.

A large red "X", painted on the central square of your city, with white-coated medical students standing around it, handing out information material and engaging in discussions with passerbys can achieve what seminars, conferences never can.

This website will give you some ideas on how to plan such an installation in your city and provides informative materials to download. In addition, it provides a place for you to showcase the results of your Target-installation, giving you the opportunity to post photos, articles, reactions, etc. Become active and join our global campaign today!  Also click here to find out about the possible impact of Nuclear Weapons in Europe.

On the map below, you can see all of the cities that Target installations have already been organized in: