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60 years later
NPT Review Conference
New York, 2005

IPPNW Student Congress
11th-15th of May, 2006
Napoli, Italy

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Andrea, Luca and Roberta welcoming the students to Napoli
AntePettersson (Finland) and Vicky Fera (Ireland), the two European RSR's
Vicky welcoming the students in the name of European IPPNW
Student participants in the castle's main hall listening to the welcoming speeches

Dr. Michele diPaolantonio of IPPNW Italy welcoming the participants
Dr. Heba Al Naseri talking about the Health System in Iraq
Dr. Judith Cook of MedAct speaking about Health in iraq
Marts (Poland) and Rasha (Israel) in the workshop on Iraq

Students discussing the issue of the British Trident  Replacement
Julia von Oettingen from Germany speaking about nuclear weapons
Inga explaining the NWIP concept of achieving change
Students in the outside workshop session for experienced students

Dr. Ruggero Giuliani from MSF Italy giving his presentation
Dr. Guiliani talking about MSF's work with refugees in Italy
Dr. Ruggero Giuliani speaking on the work of MSF
Audience listening to Dr. Giuliani's presentation

Giorgio (Italy) and Julia (Germany) introducing banG
banG - Workshop on Activties against nuclear weapons in Europe
Marta from Poland listening during banG-Workshop
Mohammad from Jerusalem talking about Health in his city

Andra (Romania) and Julia (Germany) Yael and Rasha from Jerusalem talking about Hadassah Hospital
Listening to the Jerusalem students from outside
Amir from Jerusalem talking about Arab and Jewish patients

Gunnar in the Jerusalem workshop
Participants in the Jerusalem workshop
Maja (Denmark) and Roberta (Italy)
Johanna (Sweden) and Maja (Denmark)

Roberta and Mikkel answering questions about ReCap Anas Eid from Palestine talking about ReCap
Anas (Palestine) and Maja (Denmark) during the Marketplace of ideas
Ammar talking in the ReCap Workshop

Johanna and Maja talking about their experiences in ReCap
Dr. Lars Pohlmeier talking about Dialogues with Decisionmakers German students listening to Lars' speech Dr. Gunnar Westberg talking about the Nuclear Weapons Convention Campaign

Gunnar's speech about IPPNW's work against nuclear weapons
Participants listening to Gunnar's speech
Inga Blum (Germany) talking in the NWIP workshop
Interactive NWIP-Workshop

Students finding their place
NWIP workshop games
Students learning about nuclear weapons in the NWIP workshop
Inga, Johannes and Thomas during NWIP workshop

NWIP workshop showing students where they stand
Emergency Italy presents itself
Crew from Italian Emergeny NGO
Luca (Italy) and Andy (Germany) in the Emergency-Workshop

Peter from Ireland speaking on the Pharma industry's crimes
Students listening to Peter's speech
Portuguese students in the audience
Students reading case studies in the Workshop on Paperless People

Vilena (Russia) and Amir (Israel) in the Paperless People Workshop