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Welcome to the NWIP... a student project of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) Link to Ban All Nukes Generation Europe homepage Link to the ICAN website

Why we are part of the NWIP...

Carlos FerreiraNuclear weapons are a real threat for human survival. Living under this threat in silence is accepting the possibility of a nuclear conflict happening in our lifetime. However, civil society should be continuously alerted about the catastrophic health and environmental consequences of a nuclear war. As medical student and future doctor, I feel the ethic and social responsibility to spread out the message that the only solution for something incurable is prevent what makes it possible. This is what makes me active for a nuclear weapons-free world.

Carlos Ferreira, Co-ESR of IPPNW

Nina Eisenhardt

The life stories of the Hibakusha are the source of my motivation for this work. The unspeakable suffering that these people have had to endure unsettles me deeply. Their most fervent wish that nuclear weapons be abolished, so that noone else will have to go through what they have experienced, gives me the motivation over and over again to deal with these deadful weapons. We have to actively pursue this wish which is for us and for our future, so that it can come true, not only for them but especially for ourselves.

Nina Eisenhardt, Coordinator Ban All Nukes generation Europe

IPPNW Students Switzerland The Swiss student chapter is getting ready for the next IPPNW World Congress in August 2010, Basel. Like the title of the conference, we're working towards a world free of nuclear weapons, towards a safer future - because defusing that time bomb is not something we want to leave to our descendants as a birthday present.

IPPNW Students Switzerland

Tilo Meißner

I am against nuclear weapons because they cause many problems while they solve nothing: in terms of power politics they make no sense, in terms of security they represent an unjustifiable risk and morally they stand for a crime against humanity.

Tilo Meißner, Münster, Germany

Nukes do not care any boundary or ideology. They are not against any state or belief, but an enemy of humanity as a whole. As a healer of sufferings of humanity I am strongly against nukes and continuously advocate against them.

Chudamani Giri, Nepal, IPPNW South Asia

As a medical student, it is only logical to speak out against the greatest danger to health that exists in the world today - nuclear weapons. Physicians try every day on a small scale to carry out the never-ending task of improving the health of their patients, while these weapons can wipe out life in less than a second.

It seems totally ludicrous to me to strive for a peaceful world while some states still insist on retaining nuclear weapons. Since each and every argument in favour of nuclear weapons, like the mistaken belief in their ability to create stability or the perceived need for protection against so called rogue states, can be easily rebutted. That's why I am working for the global abolition of nuclear weapons, beginning right away with those on our own doorstep in Büchel, Germany.

Benjamin Ilse, Jena, Germany




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