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Hibakusha Worldwide

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     Olympic Dam Australia Uranium mining site

     Radium Hill Australia Uranium mining site

     Ranger Mine Australia Uranium mining site

     Elliot Lake Canada Uranium mining site

     Saskatchewan Canada Uranium mining site

     Têwo / Diebu China Uranium mining site

     Jáchymov Czech Republic Uranium mining site

     Mounana Gabon Uranium mining site

     Wismut region Germany Uranium mining site

     Jadugoda India Uranium mining site

     Mailuu-Suu Kyrgyzstan Uranium mining site

     Rössing Namibia Uranium mining site

     Arlit and Akokan Niger Uranium mining site

     Witwatersrand South Africa Uranium mining site

     Black Hills / Paha Sapa USA Uranium mining site

     Churchrock / Kinłitsosinil USA Uranium mining site

     Shiprock / Tsé Bitʼaʼí USA Uranium mining site

     Spokane Reservation USA Uranium mining site

     Ezeiza Argentina Nuclear processing plant

     La Hague France Nuclear processing plant

     Tōkai-mura Japan Nuclear processing plant

     Mayak Russia Nuclear processing plant

     Tomsk-7 / Seversk Russia Nuclear processing plant

     Windscale / Sellafield UK Nuclear processing plant

     Hanford USA Nuclear processing plant

     Goiânia Brazil Radioactive accident

     Sequoyah and Watts Bar USA Accident at nuclear power plant

     Fukushima Japan Nuclear power plant meltdown

     Chernobyl Ukraine Nuclear power plant meltdown

     Three Mile Island USA Nuclear power plant meltdown

     In Ekker Algeria Nuclear weapons test site

     Reggane Algeria Nuclear weapons test site

     Emu Field Australia Nuclear weapons test site

     Maralinga Australia Nuclear weapons test site

     Lop Nor China Nuclear weapons test site

     Fangataufa and Moruroa French Polynesia Nuclear weapons test site

     Semipalatinsk Kazhakhstan Nuclear weapons test site

     Kiritimati Kiribati Nuclear weapons test site

     Bikini and Enewetak Atolls Marshall Islands Nuclear weapons test site

     Novaya Zemlya Russia Nuclear weapons test site

     Alamogordo USA Nuclear weapons test site

     Amchitka USA Nuclear weapons test site

     Nevada Test Site USA Nuclear weapons test site

     Chazhma Bay Russia Nuclear subarine accident

     Thule Greenland Accident of nuclear armed plane

     Palomares Spain Accident of nuclear armed plane

     Basra Iraq Depleted Uranium battlefield

     Fallujah Iraq Depleted Uranium battlefield

     Hiroshima Japan Nuclear bombing

     Nagasaki Japan Nuclear bombing

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